Do you think that a reliable, tailor-made system costs a fortune, i.e. no chance for SMEs? Our creative and 100% expert-tested solutions will convince you that indeed IT can assist you in growth. We can show you that there is always a way to forget about ‘out of the box’ business software which meets your needs just moderately. We provide CRM, stock, reporting or any other solutions where you apply database, Internet, user-friendly interfaces or any combination of that.

From Paper Files to Working System

Our assistance in development consists of 4 areas:

  • Comparison of the existing solutions
  • Existing solutions adjusted to your needs
  • Analysing requirements and development - from scratch
  • Deployment and Maintenance

As soon as you decide to power your business processes by an information system, profITservices takes a deep and independent analysis of your processes. Then we can help you to find the right product on the market or develop a tailor made system for you.

SME-Focused Development

Our goal is to help SME in showing how IT can make spending their time more efficiently and push the quality of service they offer their customers. Minor investment might bring huge growth and profit.

A simple and efficient custom-made system is reachable even for small and medium sized businesses. If you already have a system, but it does not meet all of your requirements, our team of software engineers can change, extend or re-build your existing system. You might need an extension only (e.g. payment integration module, import-export module, reporting and monitoring etc.), or a complete new version of your existing system.

Every successful business has its own "in-house best practices" and internal processes which make it unique. But as a company grows, these processes become more complex and can easily get out of control. For example, there might be a relatively short calculation that takes only 2 minutes for you. But when your sales grow and you have to make it 300 times per day? To give a second example - there might be a spreadsheet which you fill in for every business transaction. But when you open 2 new branches, will your 2 new colleagues be able to work with the same spreadsheet simultaneously in 2 different locations, or will you spend hours by merging and collecting the data? These are just 2 examples of typical problems at a dynamically growing company we can fix easily.

Adjust Existing or Start from Scratch?

It is you who knows your business the best. However, from time to time an independent view from outside helps finding the right path. Therefore we listen to you and speak open in the first step. Then we suggest you a solution – based on our experience and expert research – and discuss it with you. Third step is implementation. Our company is unique because we can actually provide you with real in-house development, installation and implementation.

If there are suitable products on the market (might be closed- or open-source, free or commercial one), we compare them with an independent expert's eye, and assist you with purchasing, installation, configuration and maintenance. Sometimes an open-source product suits most of your needs and only a small adjustment is required by us to make it the perfect solution for you. In other cases the product suits your needs but you need assistance to install and configure it. And we all do it for you!

If you are too special for a product meeting your requirements or the available ones are too expensive, we estimate the costs and effort of developing tailor-made software for you.