What do I need to have my own webpage?

A: You need a webpage (the content) to be designed (webdesign), placed it on a web hosting server and made reachable under a domain name.

What does a webpage consist of?

A: It is a collection of files, pictures, source codes and data placed on a webspace on a server.

What is a webspace and server?

A: It is basically a space on a computer specially configured and connected to the Internet.

Why can’t I place my webpage on my computer if it is connected to the Internet?

A: Actually you could, but webpages need to be available non-stop and have to serve a lot of visitors in parallel, that is why web hosting servers are designed to work non-stop and they are provided with heating, special power backups, and simultaneously working hardware to avoid outages.

What is a domain name and how it is related to the hosting server?

A: A domain name is basically a unique name which is easy to remember – for example www.myhomepage.com. If you are the owner of a domain name, you can configure it to point to a hosting server, where your webpage is placed. This way, your visitors have to remember only your domain name in order to find your webpage, no matter what server it is placed on.

Where and how can I get a domain name for my webpage?

A: You can order it with us together with other services, as part of the design of your new webpage.

For how long can I buy a domain name?

A: Domain names are bought for one year, and they can be renewed before they expire.

I already have a domain name registered, and I want to use it for a new webpage created by you. Is it possible?

A: Yes, you just need to configure the domain name to point it to a particular hosting server. We can help you with this technical configuration.

Can I change the hosting server where my webpage is placed without losing any visitor?

A: Yes, the configuration of your domain name can be changed to point to any new hosting server, your visitors will not recognize any change if you don’t want them to do so.


Does profITservices offer web hosting?

A: Yes, to save our customers from all the technical difficulties, we offer web hosting together with our webpage creation services.

Does profITservices have its own web hosting server?

A: Web hosting is not our primary business, so currently we don’t have our own servers, but we work with our partners in Switzerland to provide you with the appropriate web hosting.

Why should I buy webhosting from profITservices if I can buy it directly from other companies?

A: We know the technical details of the web hosting business to select the best package for our customers, and we can assist more effectively during the deployment and maintenance of a webpage if it is deployed on our web hosting. And as a bonus we put temporary logo or basic information so the page serves its function right from the very beginning.

Can I save some money if I buy web hosting from other companies instead of profITservices?

A: We buy web hosting in big and we work with minimal margin, so the saving potential for individual buyers is minimal or even none considering the time and efforts invested.

Where are the servers you use placed physically?

A: We usually work with servers physically placed in the EU or in Switzerland depending on the client’s requirements.

I prefer the web hosting server to be placed in a specified country/location. Can you help me?

A: If you have a special requirement to use one particular place or hosting provider, we can still help you with selecting the right package or buy the hosting in the name of you.

My current webpage runs on PHP without MySQL. Why do the webpages created by you need MySQL?

A: Though webpages can be created in pure html or PHP, the features are very limited. Our webpages are created in modern and feature-rich content management systems like Drupal or Joomla, and they need both PHP and MySQL to run.

What is a content management system?

A: A content management system (CMS) is an environment where the owner of the webpage can easily maintain the content of the page, can add, change and delete articles.

Can I pay for the web hosting on monthly basis?

A: Yes, you can, but since it is a relatively small amount, we prefer to send bills annually or semi-annually to save trees, time and effort.

Why don’t you provide any prices on your webpage?

A: We play fair – therefore profITservices avoids promotion like ‘Websites for 299 CHF Only’ with actual final price amounted to as much as 600 CHF. It is not possible to sell our services as a fixed price product. Every requirement and every order is different, that is why we have to analyze your requirements and after that we can provide you with free quote. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

Do I need to personally meet you to order your services?

A: No. All of our services can be ordered and delivered remotely. We use modern IT tools like Skype or Teamviewer to feel you as much comfortable as it gets.