IT Consulting


Waiting to become a dinosaur of your business? Stop reading, if you are.

Do you want to face today’s challenges with tomorrow’s tools? Go on!

From Simple Advice To Complete Solutions

Your benefits

  • Expert advice and opinion
  • Fix your process management
  • On-site / remote development
  • On-site / remote installation & maintenance
  • Short-term & long-term support

In today's high-speed business environment and tough competition there is no time to spend hours with filling spreadsheets and typing on pocket calculators. Sometimes it is only just opinion of an IT specialist you need to be able to take strategic decisions; sometimes you need an external workforce to support you for several months. Concentrate on your core business and let us do the technical part.

SME-Focused Consulting

SMEs are too busy with their everyday business – and neglect growth. Hiring new employees means lot of efforts and time, assigning one project to us takes just one decision. You do not need to motivate us, train or attract with benefits. We come, do the job on time and leave the minute you wish us to do so – with a working solution in your pocket. Another good way of safeguarding quality and reduce costs.

Do I need consulting?

Yes, if you answer any of these questions positively:


  1. Have you ever wasted more than 1 minute with search for previous sales statistics of your client?
  2. Have you ever calculated longer than 5 minutes on a pocket calculator? And what about everyday calculations?
  3. Have you ever spent more than 30 minutes on the Internet searching for information about an IT related question?
  4. Have you ever had a feeling, that you need to take a strategic decision but you do not have the right IT related know-how?
  5. Do you use any IT-powered technology (computer, software or any other tool) which has not been modernized for longer than 2 years?


Feel free to contact us immediately, so that the ‘let’s make the business more efficient’ ride can start!

Outcome Is Working Solution

The best professionals already work for us; hence we save your time and costs because we do not need to find a vendor who would do the job instead of us. This is how we understand consulting – theory AND practice.

The last step is introducing the new system to the users and maintenance with support. Of course, we take advantage of IT technologies, i.e. we can do everythingremotely, and if you wish, on-site as well.

Do I need an information system?

Yes, if you answer any of these questions positively:


  1. Ever had a feeling that you have to keep in mind a lot of information and calculate too much?
  2. Are there some business processes for which you regularly use paper and pen (and maybe a pocket calculator) - and you always make the same sort of calculations?
  3. Do you think that your requirements are too specific to be able to find a regular 'out of the box' product on the market?
  4. Is your current system outdated or your business processes simply overgrow the functions of it?

Why profITservices?

We take delivering top-quality and reliable services for granted. We spent over 35 years with on-the-go learning in both large international teams and stand-alone projects, with collecting experience worldwide and mastering challenges like core banking systems or multi-level marketing IT systems. HR and pharmacy to add a few of the fields we have been active in.

Our goal is an IT-driven growth of our clients. We believe there is always a higher-quality option for a more reasonable price.

Certified Oracle professionals, APEX and Java masters, advanced webdesigndevelopers or application developers for Androids are only samples of our broad portfolio of skills. For more, please, visit About Us part or contact us now.