Language services

  • Copywriting for web and marketing purposes
  • Translations, Localisations & Proofreading

Our unique service is writing texts and translation in any language. We offer copy writing either for products (webpages, IT systems, reservation systems) we create or improve the text on your current website. We understand that your time is too precious to spend it thinking how to present your company in the most attractive way. Let us do it for you!

We know how to catch the attention of your clients, which words must be used to convince the visitors at the first reading and we have learnt what information people need to become your customers. Therefore, prices are text inclusive.

What is more, we would be happy to translate your website or system in any language, so that you get closer to your target group. Modern CAT tools, such as Trados, support us to provide you with high-quality services safeguarding consistent terminology and formatting. Although computers and software have become smart enough to translate word by word, only humans can deliver the real message. All of our translators are experienced and qualified professionals who are either native speakers or have lived abroad for many years.

Certainly, proper grammar and stylistics is what you get with brilliant contents. What makes us special in this area is writing the whole promotion text – slogans, mottos, advertisement – and that we stay focused on the key words needed to achieve as a good position in online campaigns as it gets. We know what, where and when must be used to get you to the first places in Internet search engines.

It might sound unbelievable, but following the recent research, Internet gets extremely wide-spread when coming to attracting customers and gaining precious marketing information. It is becoming the most important business world. Let us help you to get involved!